Wordforest published Reversible Skirt, a memoir by Laura McHale Holland, in 2011. The book is available in paperback and ebook versions.

Reversible Skirt recounts the gut wrenching decade after a young mother's suicide, as seen through the eyes of her youngest daughter, Laura. It also reveals a discovery that led to forgiveness and healing.

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Here are just a few of outstanding reviews the book has already received:

Reversible Skirt is a thoroughly heartrending read. In her moving new memoir, author Laura McHale Holland takes the reader through the deepest recesses of grief, sorrow, and abuse – all from the fragile perspective of an innocent, unsuspecting child. What ultimately proves most impressive about Holland’s spiritual sojourn is that – despite the unchecked chaos of her upbringing – she perseveres through it all with an unbreakable, sweet spirit. Such unflappable strength is highly commendable – not to mention rare – and your appreciation of Holland’s genuine loving warmth is sure to grow by leaps and bounds with the turning of each fresh page. A highly recommended tale of learning to overcome the worst that life has to offer. – Karynda Lewis, Apex Reviews


Expertly written, a poignant and honest story of Laura, a young girl who manages to keep afloat in a world flooded with loss and abuse. Surrounded by lies and deceit, Laura's underlying strength acts like a lighthouse guiding her through a tumultuous childhood. Interspersed with sweet events that captivate and give us hope. A reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit. – Ann E. Philipp, Author


If it weren't for work and sleep, I probably would not have put Reversible Skirt down at all. What a poignant picture Ms. Holland paints with words! I caught myself thinking over and over, how skilled she is at narrating, relevant to the age she is in the story. One example is the remark of a 5 or 6-year-old Laura, regarding grass seed sprouting, "…it looked like the hair on Grampa's head." I noticed this throughout the book, and it was truly masterful! This was especially remarkable in the beginning of the book, when she was only 2 or 3. 

I felt that this book was incredibly genuine and without guile, considering the abuse described. Ms. Holland brilliantly portrays the complexity of her abusive step-mom, with complete frankness and a surprising measure of mercy. While some of the characters are quite heroic and others more flawed, all are believably human. I loved the triumphs, including the Christmas dinner, which the sisters prepared themselves and the tropical mural, which the family painted on the dining room wall. I cried when her father died, and again, when I read the awful hair washing scene in the basement. Many times I teared up at the caustic remarks the three sisters routinely endured. The multiple emotional flinches throughout the book are made bearable by the less frequent, but heart-warming victories. 

I am certain that this memoir will be catharthic for those who have walked a similar path, and inspirational for those who simply have big hearts. Reversible Skirt is truly a story of victory! – Teresa Hummel, Amazon Reviewer


For more information about Laura McHale Holland, please visit http://lauramchaleholland.com. 

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