Sisters-prelim-cover-460x684-sharpHere’s a big shout out to the people who donated $15 or more to the recent Pubslush crowdfunding campaign for Sisters Born, Sisters Found: A Diversity of Voices on Sisterhood. The campaign raised $2,085 in its 30-day run! Thanks to all of these beautiful souls for their generosity:

Laurelai Barton and Tam Nguyen, The Mac Advantage 
Brenda Bellinger
Elspeth Benton
Skye Blaine and Boudewijn Boom
Olivia Boler
Claire Blotter
Michelle Busey
Ruth Kessler Dallas
Patty Purpur de Vries
Cathryn Fairlee
Kate Farrell
Bridgitt Fleming
Martha Folger
Sher Gamard
P. H. Garrett
Mary Ruth Gross
Moira Holland
Mary Knight
Jerry Kohut
Dale Laszig
Karen McAuliffe
Michael McCullaugh and Mustaph Jamal, the Redwood Café
Kathy McHale
Lynda McIntyre
Ana Manwaring, JAM Manuscript Consulting
Mona Mechling
Jeanne Miller, JAM Manuscript Consulting
Linda Morganstein
Elizabeth Musch
Robin Nielsen
Bernadette Pabon
Ann Philipp
Rita Marie Powell
Julie Fadda Powers
Linda and Harry Reid
Lilith Rogers
Helen Sedwick
Jeane Slone
Sally Smith, the Noe Valley Voice
Pamela Taueffer
Marc Velez, Cotati Community Acupuncture
Courtney Wagle, Damia Salon
Michelle Walford
Dan Watkins, Verbworks
J.J. Wilson
Jean Wong

Several other contributors wish to remain anonymous. Folks who chipped in smaller amounts are very much appreciated, too!

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