I don’t recall how I heard about Jennie Nash, but I’ve been aware of her Author Accelerator program, through which authors can receive coaching for their entire book writing and publication process or for just a part of it. She receives outstanding reviews for her work in this area.

Now, she is also training people how to become book coaches. It sounds like a great career for someone who loves stories, the writing process and helping others. You don’t have to be a published author to be a book coach. In a series of videos Jennie explains what book coaching is and isn’t, qualities a great book coach has, what a book coach needs to know, how Jennie’s training program works and more.

I watched the videos in one sitting several evenings ago, and I keep thinking about this program.

Does it mean book coaching is in my future? I don’t know. Like many other people, I have a way of getting excited about one online program or another (usually having to do with some aspect of book marketing) and then not completing the program, so I have to be careful about such things, but I do feel this program would give a solid footing to someone seriously interested in becoming a book coach.

Here’s a link to the video series: https://www.bookcoaches.com/videoseries#6

I found this appealing photo of Jennie Nash online. It also appears on The Book Designer website, but it has no attribution there, so I don’t know who to credit for it.

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