Resilient Ruin

A memoir of hopes dashed and reclaimed

by Laura McHale Holland

A teenage girl breaking free. A cunning classmate on the prowl. Can she recover after they collide?

Orphaned as a child, fourteen-year-old Laura finally rebels against her abusive guardian. No longer willing to tolerate the violent tirades and imprisoning restrictions at home, Laura lives on dreams, rock ’n’ roll, and kisses in moonlight. She believes whatever comes next can’t be worse than what she’s already endured.

Her hope for a normal life is ripped away when a predator reels her in. With her heart shattered and her confidence destroyed, Laura plunges into a downward spiral. Substance abuse and risky sexual behavior lead to depression and years of heartbreaking consequences. Laura’s dark path begins to threaten her survival. Yet survive she does, with little of what she longs for, but all that she needs to start building a better life.

Resilient Ruin: A memoir of hopes dashed and reclaimed is a deeply moving personal story. It pops with details of American life in the Sixties and Seventies and takes readers on a rocky but ultimately inspiring journey. If you like tales with brave, unaffected heroines; striking scenes and characters; and pacing that keeps you turning page after page,you’ll love Laura McHale Holland’s masterful memoir of survival and learning to forgive.

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Resilient Ruin by Laura McHale Holland
NIEA WInner - National Indie Excellence Awards

What people are saying about Resilient Ruin

“In Resilient Ruin, Laura McHale Holland demonstrates that a cruel, dysfunctional upbringing doesn’t need to destroy us. Many will resonate with this book and perhaps come to a place of forgiveness for our own actions and those of our abusers. People are going to love this story of redemption and rebounding.” — Ana Manwaring, Petaluma Post columnist

Resilient Ruin is not your everyday growing up story. I couldn’t tell where it would lead next. I literally couldn’t put this masterful book down. It is heartbreaking, but it is also about hope—that no matter how bad things get, there’s always hope, and if we look hard enough we will realize we are never truly alone.” — Jennie (Shi) Marima, Author of The High Road

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