The way cool Jennie Nash trains book coaches

The way cool Jennie Nash trains book coaches

I don’t recall how I heard about Jennie Nash, but I’ve been aware of her Author Accelerator program, through which authors can receive coaching for their entire book writing and publication process or for just a part of it. She receives outstanding reviews for her work in this area.

Now, she is also training people how to become book coaches. It sounds like a great career for someone who loves stories, the writing process and helping others. You don’t have to be a published author to be a book coach. In a series of videos Jennie explains what book coaching is and isn’t, qualities a great book coach has, what a book coach needs to know, how Jennie’s training program works and more.

I watched the videos in one sitting several evenings ago, and I keep thinking about this program.

Does it mean book coaching is in my future? I don’t know. Like many other people, I have a way of getting excited about one online program or another (usually having to do with some aspect of book marketing) and then not completing the program, so I have to be careful about such things, but I do feel this program would give a solid footing to someone seriously interested in becoming a book coach.

Here’s a link to the video series:

I found this appealing photo of Jennie Nash online. It also appears on The Book Designer website, but it has no attribution there, so I don’t know who to credit for it.

Let’s meet at the 2018 Sonoma County Fair

I’ll be selling books, talking about works in progress (the Kiminee Dream, book cover featured on this page), and discussing the craft of writing with fairgoers at the 2018 Sonoma County Fair. This is a project of Redwood Writers and the second year members of the group will be greeting the public during the twelve-day fair taking place at the county fairgrounds in Santa Rosa.

The Redwood Writers booth will be in the E.C. Kraft Building, which is near the Brookwood entrance and attached to the Garrett Building. Multiple authors representing a range of genres will be manning our booth. I’ll be there Sunday, Aug. 5 and Saturday, Aug. 11.

I hope to see you at the fun-packed Sonoma County Fair!

It was a gorgeous day with talented women at the Sitting Room

It was a gorgeous day with talented women at the Sitting Room

I recently attended the birthday party for the Sitting Room, a unique library housing works by women writers from around the world. The event also doubled as the launch party for The Sitting Room’s 2018 anthology, which features original takes on myths, fairytales and folklore. The stories and poems in the booklet are delightfully diverse.

It was a beautifully sunny day in the Sitting Room’s backyard, where many of us read the stories and poems we contributed to the anthology. I felt privileged to read my work to such a receptive audience, as well as delighted to be part of that audience when other writers read their work.

I also enjoyed seeing my friend Mona Mechling again, and made a new friend, too: Tina Deason. Here we are enjoying each other’s company. Tina is on the left, I’m in the middle and Mona’s on the right.


Have a book- or writing-related blog? Let’s connect

Have a book- or writing-related blog? Let’s connect

Resilient Ruin by Laura McHale HollandSeveral months ago, I wrote a guest post for Kathy Pooler’s Memoir Writer’s Journey blog. She posts weekly on Mondays and mixes her own posts with those of other writers she invites to share their views with her readers. The post I contributed is titled “One reason not to publish a memoir” and located right here:

I want to have more conversations with readers and writers, particularly those interested in memoirs, healing and literary fiction. If you’d like me to contribute to your blog or podcast, or if you’d just like to share some thoughts with me, get in touch using this website’s contact form.

NIEA WInner - National Indie Excellence AwardsI look forward to hearing from you!

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